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As the founder and lead cinematographer of Singer Wedding Films, I approach wedding filmmaking a little differently than other companies might. I started in 2001 as a screenwriter. Over the years that passion slowly grew and expanded to encompass film and video production as well. I’ve even done a bit of acting! The common thread that has been woven throughout my career has always been a passion to tell great stories. It’s all about story.

Wedding films can be some of the purest forms of great storytelling. A wedding is a symbol of your overwhelming love that has to be shared. And I believe your wedding film should tell the story of your love for one another in a raw and beautiful way. When you hire Singer Wedding Films to produce your wedding day cinematography, we don’t want to be thought of as just another vendor. We want to be friends who get to come alongside you to experience a magical day together! PS: I have a passion for supporting strong, healthy marriages – so if you need any marriage advice, we’ll try to have you covered there too;)

– Michael Crissinger

“We are BLOWN AWAY. Wow. What an incredible video!!!! Thank you so much for using your talent for the happiness of couples like Brian and I! I haven’t been able to watch it enough times. Just amazing. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!”

-Katie Beth Edman

“DUDE. THANK YOU for the wedding package! i can’t get over how awesome it is. i love everything about it — the nest, birds… the whole theme. (: ah!

thank you again for all your work!”

-Ivy Schlicher

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